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  Casuarina Graphic presents a short and didactic introduction to the basic concepts of tropical architecture through graphic design.
A graphical suggestion of divulgation to promote the idea of reachable housing, sustainable and respectful with its entourage.

The tropical architecture proposes an ecological response to the project of building, drawing on experience and according to the living conditions in a hot weather, intensely sunny and exposed to heavy rainfall. In a fertile ambit and prone to a leafy vegetation.

It is understood as an adapted proposal
to an environment and thought of the welfare : moderate in spending and impact, contrary to the waste of energy and materials. It aims to take advantage of the natural conditions
with the purpose of turning them into resources. With intention of creating pleasant dwellings, economically affordable first and easy to hold afterwards.

It follows some basics concepts. Protect the house of the sun and take advantage of both abundant light and created shade. Foment the natural ventilation to shelter the habitat of heat and favor the salubrity of the place. Shelter from rain thinking in facilitate the drainage and the recuperation of water for use. Respect the surrounding vegetation, or plant it, so it will be a partner in the project.
  Problems facing the tropical architecture. The conditions to be considered. The beaba of errors commited to build housing in tropical environment.

sun, heat, energy spending

Roof, walls and overtures exposed, concrete exterior ground, accumulated heat inside, spending in electric appliances.

bad ventilation, unhealthy house

Low roof, closed walls, poor overtures, poor air stream.

heavy rainfall, leaks, bad drainage, floods

Low-sloped roof, bad evacuation, walls and overtures exposed, concrete outdoor.

concrete outdoor, heat, humidity, floods

Roof and walls exposed, monobloc building, concrete exterior ground, strong solar radiation, accumulated heat, bad drainage.
  Responses of tropical architecture for the construction of housing. The weather conditions used as resources.

sun, shade, cool

High roof, walls protected by porch roofs, brise soleil and clapboard, overtures with clapboard shutters.

crossing ventilation, healthy house

High roof, open walls, brise soleil allows airway, ventilated crawl space.

rain, hygrothermal comfort, easier drainage

Well-sloped roof, easier evacuation, overtures and walls protected by porch roofs and brise soleil, high crawl space, cistern.

surrounding vegetation, shade, natural drainage

Shaded roof and walls, building in several blocs, outdoor vegetation filters solar radiation and facilitates natural drainage.
  Advantages and profits of constructing following the proposals of tropical architecture :
bio-climatic and long-term savings.

sun, light, production of energy, savings

Solar panels produce energy and savings, intense sun allows modular natural light, shade produces natural cool.

natural ventilation, energy savings

Natural air produces passive cool, no requires refrigeration mechanics, sobriety in electric consumption, energy savings.

rain, water collect, drainage prevents floods

Water collect in cistern, crawl space allows easier drainage and prevents floods.

vegetation prevents the global warming

Vegetation absorbs CO2 and emits O2, natural drainage slows water and prevents floods, natural environment and hygrothermal comfort.
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