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  Building according to the principles of tropical architecture may be more expensive in material at first, though not necessarily. The slight extra cost is more than recovered over time, essentially saving energy. And gaining in quality of life.

The house has to be raised upon ventilated crawl space. So flows the air cooling and drying the base. In case of heavy rainfalls, the water runs while the ground drains.

The roof is fundamental. It has to be high, well sloped and lengthened with porch roofs that provide shade. Hot air accumulates under the roof and cools at night. Rainwater runs better and is easily evacuated.

The walls are opened to let flow the air in crossing streams. Protected by porch roofs and sunscreens that provide ventilation. Most exposed walls are protected by ventilated clapboards. Clapboard shutters or lattice panels shut windows. Light and air get in.

The house is divided in several blocs to lower accumulation of air. And opens out with covered balconies or verandas, with courtyard or patio. Outdoor is part of the house.

The outdoor is settled by vegetation that provides natural drainage, shade and filters sun radiations. Concrete of patio is replaced by lattice bricks that allow grass to grow and rainwater drain.
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