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  Tropical architecture knows how to use weather and environmental conditions to create natural resources. So it promotes sober consumption and energy saving. Create reachable and sustainable housing in a natural environment.

The sun provides electricity through solar panels. Natural light modulated at will. Temperature differences –indoor-outdoor– that promote airflow.

The air is used to ventilate and cool as a passive energy resource. At the same time, it provides a drier and healthier environment, getting hygrothermal comfort.

The rainwater is collected in cisterns for home use.

A surrounding vegetation is promoted which provides shade and sun filter. It provides a natural drainage and slows the water cycle, preventing floods. Produces oxygen and absorbs CO2, preventing global warming. And at the same time provides a pleasant atmosphere that improves the quality of life.
# Institute of Tropical Architecture. San José, Costa Rica •••
# Center of Constructions and Tropical Architecture Studies, CECAT. La Habana, Cuba •••
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