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  Building a house is first an economical question. The aim is to control spending in this principle, maximizing the field, but not thinking in the cost of long-term maintenance.

Control the spending is to reduce the amount of material in the building. A low roof with short eave, a single bloc house, few overtures, a concrete patio. And when you can, then air conditioning.

Exposed walls with few overtures are panels that absorb heat from the sun, which radiates into the house. Concrete outdoors absorb heat that radiate to the walls, then inside.

Heat tends to rise and with a low ceiling, it just mounts at the level of housing. Few overtures do not allow any air stream. A single bloc is a major volume of accumulated hot air, difficult to cool.

A low-sloped roof evacuates less easily rainwater, fomenting gutters, leaks, and humidity. Overtures exposed let water inside in case of windy rain and windows must be closed, not letting the cool get in. A concrete ground does not drain and, in case of downpour, the patio is flooded.

It is necessary to think that housing is for years. And what is saved at the beginning, continually ends up costing more expensive later. With energy waste and loss of quality of life, in a unhealthy house.
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